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Our company specialises in carrying out difficult and demanding projects, conferring as such, a large competitive advantage to our clients internationally. Mold Plast S.A. has been introduced to the international market since 2009, making collaborations with distinguished foreign companies from England, Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. Our philosophy and values, from concept to production line, are based on creating innovative cost-effective products. Our design and production departments take over the creation of demanding mold constructions, focusing on the uniqueness of each end-product. Mold Plast S.A. has received an award for the innovative packaging for e-liquids for the 10ml pet bottle and the childproof cap. This product was created for British American Tobacco.

We collaborate with elite industries from abroad. To name a few..

British American Tobacco, Flavourart s.r.l., English Coca Cola s.a., Slush Puppie Ltd., P & G , Vimto International e.t.c.

We also have collaborations with :

Pharmaceutical Companies

Uni - Pharma S.A., Target Pharma L.T.D., Frezyderm S.A., Pharmasept L.T.D., Angelini Pharma Hellas S.A., Pharmex S.A., Boderm S.A. , Lavipharm S.A, Ecofarm, Syndesmos S.A, Tafarm, Asepta S.A, COR pharmaceuticals S.A, Zarbis & Johnz Pharmaceuticals, Abc kinitron, Help Pharmaceuticals, Vican Healthcare, Medalkan Hygiene & Disinfection, Vencil pharmaceuticals, FB services, Farmedco International S.A

Cosmetic Companies

Rilken S.A., Hellenica S.A., Septona S.A., H&M Cosmetics S.A., Korres Natural products, Apivita S.A., Medi Sei L.T.D. , Froika Dermocosmetics S.A, Farcom S.A , Mediterrenean S.A, Bodyfarm HELLAS S.A , Beautylab , Biolyn, Bioselect, Creamteam S.A, Myroots natural beauty, Olive Way, Olive Era, Organic 3s, Prodis S.A , Veral, Zealots, Virgo Terra, Thank you cosmetics, Messinian spa, Galerie de Beauté, Azadé, Mediterenean cosmetics, Verbena Ltd, Gavrilis group, Madis natural products, Perfumeland - Charalambidis S.A, Labo+Pharm, Yellowrose cosmetics, Flax, Bioselect, Beautycosm, Tenivita, Simple use beauty, Anemos, Zoniou Bekris cosmetics, Imel professional hair art, Sparta Goods - Eolia threpsis, QS professional, Aromca cosmetics, Aphrodite, Open cosmetics

Detergent Companies

Henkel S.A., Eureka Hellas S.A., Rolco Bianil S.A., Cleanway, Zeotec

Electronic Cigarette Companies

Flavourart srl, British American Tobacco
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