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ANAS crystal care

Οn 2018 we developed the packaging of the entire series of the Dutch cosmetics company Anas crystal care, which was nominated for best packaging design at European Design Awards 2019. Soon after that, the series won the first prize at the Red Dot Design Awards 2019 in the category of Brands & Communication Design.


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    Mold Plast S.A. has consolidated an international patent for its innovative packaging of an electronic cigarette liquid. This product was created on behalf of Flvourart s.r.l & British American Tobacco.
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    A second safeguarding come up, with a European Utility Patent for the design and production line, of the liquid packaging on behalf of Coca Cola Europe.
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    We have already safeguarded two environmental- friendly  (refillable) packaging designs for liquids, that enable the consumer to reuse them. In this way, we assist the large companies of European market, to reduce the use of plastic and therefore environmental litter. Such a deed, is in perfect harmony with the endorsement of the new European directive on banning single-use packaging, which will be applied in the course of 2020.

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